Hey Hey I'm Kelsey


Let’s get to know each other! My name is Kelsey and I am an outdoors admirer and a taco consumer (NOM…seriously I eat SO much mexican food, it’s irresponsible). I talk way too much and I have a heart for encouraging people around me. I’m always down for adventure if you are. I grew up hiking most weekends and I’d like to keep that going. Overall I can be summed up with my Enneagram. I’m a 7. Big time. Super Enthusiast. I’m here to find the wonders of the world (hello wedding days, third wheeling with passionate couples and this great big world of beauty), I’m here to experience joy and to feel grateful for all the beauty around me.

I'm so much more than these little factoids. Here's what I am for you:

1. An Advocate: I want you to have the day that is so YOU it hurts because this day is yours and no one else.

2. A Guide: Weddings are confusing but I’ve done quite a few now. Let me be a resource for your perfect day.

3. A Cheerleader: Super embarrassing… I totally was a cheerleader in high school…just pretend I didn’t say that. But I am here to keep you hype when needed.

4. An Artist: Last but not least I am here to capture your day in a beautiful way that truly represents you.

What My Magical Couples Are Saying

Kat & Andy

OBX Adventure Couples Session

Kelsey was such a fun photographer and overall down to earth person to work with. I had told her that I was up for any and everything and she took my wishes and ran with it. We ended up doing a session in the Outer Banks and I am soooo pleased on how the pictures turned out. Leading up to the session she gave great advice. During our session, she gave great direction which eliminated any awkwardness or us being uncomfortable. Kelsey is such a sweet and kind photographer and and I would definitely recommend her to capture any special moment in your life.

Are You Ready?

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Craft a day that's 100% unique and 100% you.