OK you’re probably starting to wonder how this relaxed, amazing day can be yours that I’ve been talking about on my website yeah? 

Well, here are my top 3 ways to ignore the wedding machine and create your perfect intimate wedding day:

Keep it intimate. duh. No big audience please. Small weddings FTW.

Eric & Sena enjoying a stroll, just the two of them! What a low pressure way to say the things you really want to say.

When it’s a small wedding you can say the things you wouldn’t say in front of everyone you’ve ever met. This means you are keeping the day centered around what really matters. You two, coming together in a way that feels true and honest to your selves. Does this always mean just the two of you. Not necessarily. Do you feel at peace when it is just the two of you? Then maybe that is what would be best but, are there a handful of friends and family you can’t imagine this day without? Go for that then. Whatever feels right is right. Ps. less people = less drama!

If you love the sounds of this intimate wedding day but really want the party…don’t worry, I have ideas for you coming in a future blog post! But for those of you who like this idea but are having a hard time picturing filling a whole day, don’t worry about that there are so many amazing ways to spend your day. Keep reading and we will think on that a bit!

– Forget the blueprint. Think about your boo and about what y’all like to do. 

These beach lovers knew they wanted to go back to a beach that was special to them and their relationship for their big day. With just a few friends and family members present they could be as goofy as they wanted and quote The Office a million times in their ceremony 😉

When you start your planning with a blueprint that was created by who the hell knows, then you might be going down a path that isn’t very true to you. You also might me going down a path that is just there for a mix of old fashioned, outdated etiquette and people trying to get you to spend all the monies. SO my recommendation. Start at ground zero. Who are you two individually and who are you together? What do y’all love to do together? Where do you feel most comfortable? Once you have those things think about what you are NOT. This is all about creating a day that truly reflects those things that define you. Monograms and fancy cakes aren’t your style. No problem.

Hiking boots over heels? Yup. Awesome, a nice refreshing hike hand in hand. Defeating an epic hike together. Starting your life adventure with an awesome adventure. All of these things are possible. Think about what you love to do in the mountains, hike, camp, glamp, bonfires, river floats, taking a jeep somewhere magical, 4x4s and so much more. I promise you there is a perfect, intimate mountain day out there for you that can also TOTALLY include your favorite people.

A dip in the ocean after a whirlwind day. You got it. So the ocean is your happy place, well luckily North Carolina has some amazing beaches with fun things to do! Play in the dunes, ride a horse, charter a boat, surfing and paddle boarding, evening bonfire, picnics on the beach, a personal chef at your airbnb and just some good ol swimming and make outs in the sand. Sounds pretty refreshing!

Drinks at the bar with your favorite people to celebrate. Love it! Who says you can’t have some time for just the two of you intermingled with time with the friends and family who really want to celebrate with you?

Basically…You do you. Thats how to make the perfect day.

– Experiences over things. You know what else is stressful, spending money on stuff. Small weddings are a great way to keep the stress down in so many ways.

Snuggling and watching the clouds blow in after reciting your vows on a mountain top sound like fun?

The average wedding in the USA is over 30k today and if your heart isn’t in it for a big blow out then it’s hard to pull out your pocket book. Why not spend that money on an adventure to experience with your love that you’ll remember forever.

Overall, following your heart is best. Being authentically you is best. Being focused on your boo is best. Sit down and brainstorm together about what would really make you happy and dream up an adventure worthy of starting your lives together. Need help with all of this? I am here for you and have a million ideas rolling around in this big ol noggin of mine and I’d love to get to know you and help you sort through some ideas <3