There are a lot of folks out there choosing all sorts of ways to celebrate the joining of two people and two families. There are so so so many reasons why one wedding may be best for you too. I’ll start by sharing a little bit of my story.

My hubs and I got married pretty young. We graduated college in 2009 and got married summer of 2010. We had all the same friends in college and were super tight with them all. We both are really close with our families. We were pretty big party people at the time and I had a family that was excited to throw us a big shindig. The type of wedding we wanted at the time was so clear. We wanted to share our love with everyone that was close to us. I wanted to dance all night. We wanted a big giant party and it was perfectly perfect for us.

Now a days though we are a lot more low key (duh, we have kids haha). We also have different priorities and I have begun to understand people’s love for intimate weddings and elopements for so many reasons. We are coming up on our 10 year wedding anniversary next year and have started to plan our own intimate vow renewal because for us, as we are now, it is the perfect way to celebrate our love. Just the two of us, a photographer, our vows and stories. We are so excited to get away from the world and everyone and really just celebrate and reflect on us. Our past, present and future.

So with all that said, I’ll talk to you about elopements/intimate weddings and why they might be for you.

  1. The day is 100% about you and your love. No one else is trying to shape your day. You can be very intentional in each detail of your day. Whether it is just the two of you on a mountain top, sharing your vows or in your backyard with just your closest family who want to share this intimate day with you and really support you. Less people means less schmoozing. Less distractions. Less everything. Speaking of less….
  2. Wedding planning can be very overwhelming for a lot of folks. A more intimate ceremony means less planning. Not necessarily no planning depending on what you are wanting but less arranging. I know for me what our vow renewal will entail is finding the perfect dress, finding the perfect photographer who can help us pick out the right location (preferably on a mountaintop), and arranging a few small details like food and a simple bouquet!
  3. Along with the stress of wedding planning comes money stress. While elopements and intimate weddings aren’t necessarily “cheap” they are a great way to put your money where you want to put it. Instead of spending 5k on feeding all your guests, spend that money on an amazing trip to a beautiful locations! Think about who short my list was with the planning of my vow renewal, now let me tell you about all the things I had to coordinate and my Mama had to pay for for my wedding. The list goes something like venue, planner, photographer, caterer, florist, officiant, dj, decorations, flatware, party favors, cupcakes, donuts, getaway cars, vans to transport guests to and from site, hair, makeup, nails…etc. You get the picture. It was a lot. I am so excited to keep it simple this time!
  4. You can go wherever you want. There will be less worrying for you about planning your wedding around where everyone can meet you. Instead you can pick an adventurous location to make memories in or a place that holds sentimental value to you and your relationship. Have you two have been dreaming about a snuggly get away in the Great Smoky Mountains or laying out on a Hawaiian beach? You can combine this dream with your big day and have a beautiful place to return to with the best memories! Bonus, you can just stay put and honeymoon right where you got married and continue to make memories in your new favorite place!
  5. You can still have a party too. If you’ve read all of this and are thinking but I still want the party. No problem, you can also have a party with friends and family to celebrate when you get home.

I am certain that intimate weddings/elopements aren’t for everyone. If you have read this and you’re thinking no, not for me…but Kelsey I still want to have that time with just me and my new love maybe hop over and read about day after sessions. They are a perfect way to still have a day away from everyone focused on your new life together while enjoying the big day!!!

If you have any questions for me about eloping please let me know! It is something I am a bit obsessed with and as I plan my little day I get more and more excited about it <3