Details : The Little Things

You have worked your frickin butt off to CAREFULLY curate your dream wedding. When your photographer arrives a great way to start the day is getting detail shots... Once the day gets moving it's hard to fit these shots in and some of these things...YOUR DRESS...will be on your body later. In order to make sure this is an efficient start to your day make sure before the wedding day you get everything you want photos of together and in one box!

Set Aside 45 Minutes

BUT OMG what do I put in this box? Here are a few ideas: An invitation suite (this includes envelopes and all the little inserts). All of your rings (bride and groom). Some thing old, new, borrowed, blue. Your shoes. Any small sentimental piece of your day. Also have the florist drop off your flowers early and set aside your dress and veil to be included.

Bride/Groom & Faves

1-1.5 hours EACH

Time for you and your favs. In this time we can take photos of y’all getting ready , popping champagne or throwing back some brews, jumping on the bed or maybe some beer pong, whatever best represents y’all. Then we can get some amazing photos of you getting in your dress/suit. We also want to do your portraits with your side of the wedding party now, so make sure you are scheduled to finish up hair and makeup before this time.

First Look

Set Aside 15-20 minutes

This is the perfect time to let go of those nerves & spend some quality time together. First looks are a great for a couple reasons.

1. You get to spend more time together on the big day. Couples tend to be anxious until they see each other.

2. You get your portraits done before the ceremony which means you get to enjoy cocktail hour!

Couples Portraits

If y’all choose to do a first look, we will then move straight into couples portraits. We can romp around a bit. We will make sure we get those photos that will last forever of this day. The ones that remind you just how you felt about each other on this day. This is my favorite part of the day because this is when I can see the two of you together and capture all of those emotions that are all over the place. Lets make sure we leave time for y’all to enjoy each other before the guests arrive!

If you choose not to do a first look, then we will do these either right after the family portraits or during golden hour. When deciding when you want to do couples portraits, make sure you keep in mind that we need some sunlight to get the photos you know and love me for 😉

Set Aside 30 Minutes to 1 hour

You can never have too many couples portraits, so if you choose to sneak out later to take a little break and grab a few more shots together I won't say no!!!!

Ceremony & Reception Details

For the hour leading up to the wedding the wedding party should be in hiding since guests will be arriving, and if you are wandering around people will NOT leave you alone haha.

1 hour

During this time I will get photos of the decor in the ceremony area as well as the reception space if they are at the same place.


The big moment is here. Whether it is a short and sweet ceremony or you have all sorts of special moments planned this is it! If you have chosen to include a second shooter, this is where they really count. Catching each of y'alls reactions to one another.

20 minutes - 1 hour

This is what I base all of my other times off of, so lets make sure we chat before you set your ceremony time to guarantee the best photos based on sun set times!

Family Portraits

set aside 20 minutes

You worked so hard on that guest list but these are the people you didn’t think twice about. You knew they would be there for your big day. Wrangling a ton of family can be CRAZY but we will be sure to get organized ahead of time (I have a HUGE questionnaire a month before your wedding day) so that this is a pretty quick and simple time. We will work together to get a finalized list before the wedding day so that we can do family photos super dooper smooth. Also don’t worry, I have an frickin awesome Mom voice that makes EVERYONE listen!

Full Wedding Party

Here is your time to celebrate with all of y’alls closest friends! Lets have a little fun and capture all of the love between you guys! These photos can also be done before the ceremony if you choose to do a first look, which means COCKTAIL HOUR FOR YOU *HELL YES*!!!!

This is the best time to get extra hugs from those friends before you start getting sweaty on the dance floor!

20-30 minutes


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